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This page describes our different publications, whether one-off, series, or annual revisions.
Some annual publications have more recently transferred to web tools, such as health inequalities profiles and child health profiles (now produced by ChiMat).

Paper copies of any back issue can be requested at:

PCT brochure erpho products and services for PCTs
A brochure describing erpho outputs by theme, with full contact details and web links to all products whether datasets, publications, webtools or otherwise.

HIE health intelligence east
The four-page monthly newsletter from the Intelligence Group in the East of England, comprising erpho, NHS East of England, Health Protection Agency Regional Epidemiology Unit, the Eastern Cancer Registration and Information Centre and Insight East. Some issues are themed, and we use guest editors to bring in contributions from around the region.

INpho INpho series
Medium-length publications (6-20 pages) with multiple supporting data graphics, presenting an overview of a topic. Recent issues mostly feature the output of erpho’s Child Public Health Intelligence Team and the Regional Drugs Health Information Unit.

Prog Budg Reports for commissioners
Commissioning briefs
Programme Budgeting reports 2008 by PCT: four-page summary
Designed to support PCTs and practice-based commissioners to become World Class Commissioners.

Briefing Briefing
Covering a topical issue or presenting some new data analysis or a methodology in a short and easily accessible format (usually two or four pages). Production in house allows for fast turnaround and publication; issued as required rather than to a pre-set schedule.

CHP Child health profiles 2008
Presenting indicators of child health and well-being by LA/ UA/ county , according to the Every Child Matters outcomes. The data in these four-page profiles is the same as that presented in the Indications of Child Health in the East of England series of INphos , cut by area instead of by ECM outcome.

MHP Mental health profiles 2009
Using the Mental Health Minimum Data Set to present an overview of mental health in the adult population by PCT

HIP Health inequalities profiles 2008
Updated annually, the 2008 profiles by PCT/county /UA are published as four-page PDF documents that provide a condensed summary of a set of trend graphs by PCT available in an Excel format. Note the data can also be viewed at MSOA level; for these spreadsheet formats click here.
The 2007 profiles were provided in PDF form only, and contain generic text about the rationale and procedure for analysing inequalities that you may find useful in combination with the 2008 versions.

INphoRM INphoRM series (now APHO Technical Briefings)
The Technical Briefings replace erpho’s INphoRM series on recommended methods in public health. The 8- to 12-page briefings are written jointly by the PHOs to explain gold-standard methodologies in public health and its analysis. Each issue is available from the APHO website: Technical Briefings

Subst Mis Detailed reports
Substance Misuse in the East of England 2007-2008
A user’s guide to primary care data collected in England (Jan 2006)
Risks and Determinants series (concluded May 2006)
Observatories Social Exclusion Partnership series (concluded May 2004)
East in Focus (May 2002)