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  Fingertips: Substance Misuse

Interactive spine chart and tartan rug outlining key information about substance misuse by Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) in the East of England.

  Substance Misuse Atlas

Instant Atlas presenting comparative trends in drug and alcohol misuse in the East of England.

  JSNA dataset

The purpose of Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is to provide the underpinning health information that is required for the effective commissioning of health services.

The information Centre provides annual bulletins on alcohol encompasing a range of statistics drawn together from a variety of sources.

  Alcohol Dashboard

A collection of key resources, data and information about alcohol.

Local Alcohol Profiles

LAPE 2011 annual update of Primary Care Trust and Local Authority profiles published 25th August. Includes synthetic estimates of numbers and proportions of abstainers, lower risk, increasing risk and higher risk drinkers in local authorities in England.


Alcohol Use and Harm
Treatment and Interventions
Alcohol Use
Morbidity and Mortality
Date Title Format View
1 Aug 2006 Alcohol reated deaths
28 Nov 2008 Alcoholic liver disease mortality DSRs for East of England Local Authorities (5 year rolling basis 1996-2007) download resource
  Compendium - Mortality from chronic liver disease including cirrhosis open resource url


Drug and Alcohol Action Teams in the East of England


  Monitoring Unit for Substances in the East

The Monitoring Unit for Substances in the East (MUSE) is a dedicated unit within erpho. We have been commissioned by the National Treatment Agency (NTA) to take responsibility for collecting Eastern of England substance misuse treatment data required for the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS).