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Key public health indicators



World Class Commissioning - Data and Analysis

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Below are some sources of data and projections which give some background information to help understand local health needs and demands on health services now and in the future.

PCT population estimates
Type of population Source Link
2006 resident PCT population by sex and quinary age group ONS 2006 resident PCT population
2006 resident PCT ethnic population by sex and ethnicity in broad agebands ONS 2006 East of England PCT ethnic group population

PCT population projections
Type of projection Source Link
2006 based population projection for PCT by sex and quinary age group ONS 2006 based population projection at PCT level (2006-2031)

Disease projections and modelled prevalence estimates

These projections are based on modelled prevalence estimates and not real data.

Disease Projection Method Calculated by Link
Cardio-Vascular Disease     To be published in November
Chronic Kidney Disease Modelled prevalence estimate using population data for 2006 based on the NEOERICA. It also shows a comparison with QOF 06/07. The NEOERICA project produced estimate CKD prevalence by ageband. This was then multiplied by the ONS 2006 population for each ageband to give the estimate numbers of MFP in each ageband with CKD (by LA and PCT) which was then used to calculate an overall prevalence empho Estimated prevalence of CKD and number of people with CKD (by sex and ageband)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Technical document erpho COPD by LA
This supersedes any previous COPD models produced by erpho/apho
Coronary Heart Disease Technical document erpho CHD by LA
Dementia Prevalence Ratio Erpho (using POPPI methodology) Dementia projections in men and women aged 65 in quinary agebands
Diabetes Please see the Technical briefing for details YHPHO PBS diabetes projections
2010 to 2025 (in 5 year bands)¬2000-2010 (in 1 year bands)
Hypertension Technical document erpho Hypertension by LA
Hypertension by PCT
Stroke Technical document Erpho Stroke by LA
Stroke by PCT