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   Tools -
   Calculating PH measures

   Standardised Rates

  • Improved batch calculation of directly standardised rates
  • Spreadsheet tool for crude rate, DSR and ISR/SMR
  • DSRs - Web Tool *

   Confidence Intervals

  • 95% CIs for proportions

   Funnel Plots

   Inequality Measures

   Prevalence Tools

  • CHD Prevalence Estimator - Web Tool *

   Life-table Tools

  • Life expectancy calculator (multiple decrement)
  • LE calculator with 95% CI

   erpho Interactive Web Tools

   More Tools

  • Crosstable to database format converter
  • Mortality forecast to 2011
  • Population pyramid template showing 2 populations
  • Population Pyramid Plotter - Absolute Numbers
  • Population Pyramid Plotter - Percent
  • YHPHO web based indicators search tool

* Tools marked with an asterisks are fully web-based: They allow the user to enter data (or to choose from various options) via the web-interface, calculate results on the fly, and draw appropriate graphs.

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